Welcome to the Hiroshitsuji Legend WikiEdit

This wiki is about a series I will be making called Hiroshitsuji Legend.


The series is about a teenager Roy Ishitsuji, and his freinds Derek Tsunaki, and Zack Sikosho. They are apprentices of the elements Ice, Fire, and Electric. They all live in the same city, "Hiro City". They all go to the same academy as well, 'Apprentice Acedemy. Their dream is o become masters of their abbilities but what Roy dosen't know is that his father who died saving the world from mass destruction "Hiro-Suji" is a legend. So for now, Roy's mother, "Sarah Ishitsuji" is taking care of him  


Roy Ishitsuji, Derek Tsunkai, Zack Sikasho, Sensei Mikosha, Cynthia Kimoni, Katie Makashani, Mya Minoma, Kori and Kory Dishoka, Sarah Ishitsuji


Roy's House, Derek's House, Apprentice Academy, Overlord Palace, UnderWorld, Zack's House, Golden Chamber, Hiro City

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